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Background & Philosophy

With almost two decades of combined experience, its only the last five years that has revealed incredible advancements in technology that allow filmmakers to do anything possible on reasonable budgets. In the last five years, drones and gimbals have not only become buzzwords, but incredible ways to capture any filmmakers vision. Our founders have been flying drones since the early days and have grown with the technology now flying heavy lift drones with any camera package you can imagine.

On the gimbal and camera side, we have operated everything from the DJI ronin to the Freefly Movi M5, M10 and M15 and everything in between. We have experience with every camera package from the Canon 5D to the Red Epic and everything in between.

Our Fleet

Have a Look at Some of Our Drone Options

DJI Matrice 600

The Heavy Lifter

The newest addition to our fleet is the DJI Matrice 600 heavy lifter drone.  With 6 propellors and redundant batteries and a 13 pound load capacity this is the perfect unit to get any camera package you can think of in the air.  Pair it with our DJI follow focus unit and Lightbridge 3 video downlink and you have the perfect combination.

DJI Inspire X5

4K Workhorse

For longer flight times and missions where ease of setup takes priority the DJI X5 carries a removable lens micro 4/3 mount capable of beautiful imagery in a small camera package.  We have multiple units and over a dozen batteries to keep you up in the air all day.

Phantom 4

Small But Efficient

As our smallest drone in the fleet, the Phantom 4 allows for fast set-up times and ease of travel.  It's great for shooting in areas with lots of obstacles to avoid and where space is limited.  Despite it's size the Phantom 4 still offers 4k camera technology and has both photo and video capabilities.

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